Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Northwoods Paper Marbling

I love when a kid uses prior knowledge to create... Especially when it is my kid:).  I posted yesterday on my creative Aunt Carolyn.  I mentioned that I admire her... but here is reason 2039 why... She encourages process.  

A couple weeks ago Matisse went to a art festival where she learned how to marble paper.  So as they were spraying the spider webs (to see post click here) Matisse had an idea.  And Carolyn allowed her got guide them through the process.  

They sprayed a little paint in the water.  Then Matisse would quickly place a paper over the paint on the water and the paper would pick it up.  They tried both black an gold paint and got a different result with each paint color.

It had nothing to do with the final product (although that turned out great too).  It had everything to do with the amazing investigation, transferring knowledge, creativity, exploration and process.  Now that is real art!

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