Friday, August 29, 2014

Colored and Numbered Tables

As I have mentioned, I'm using colors to identify my tables.  I saw this great idea on a facebook page for art teacher, but I don't know who it came from (if it's you, please post).  I placed a paint chip in the center of the table and added numbers for each seat at the table.  I can see me using this in a lot of ways.  Maybe for lining up, jobs, review...  I think the numbers in addition to the colors will be a tool I will be able to use often. 


  1. haha I stole that idea too. It's from a blog called Art In The Middle School. Here is her post. I had it pinned :)

  2. I have six tables so I stenciled bugs and leaves in primary and secondary colors on each of the tables. I like the idea of having the numbers for the seats, too. That would make assigning tasks easier than just asking the students to take turns. Fewer arguments over whose turn it is for each task!

  3. I have found that my students from both schools peel off anything I tape to the table tops. It's an on-going battle to keep the color designations in tact. Last year, I grabbed some paint pens and actually painted a small color designation in the middle of each table with the seat numbers. They held up all year and only need a few color touch-ups as I head into year two. I do like the value you can achieve with the paint chip samples but those wouldn't last long on my tables. The seat numbers work terrific! They correspond to my job chart.

  4. I just made shapes that correspond to my carpet and match the colors of the table. It is the first time I have taped something to the desks in Elementary school, so my fingers are crossed.

  5. I am getting ready to add the paint chips to my tables and wondered if yours have held up. I am hoping having it taped to the middle of the table it will last longer. I think I will write seat numbers on the paint strip so there is only one thing to tape down. I'm curious to know if yours have held up. Thanks!

    1. Good question. I'll take pictures and post about it soon.