Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome to the Art room - Open House night

Tonight's open house night at Hassan Elementary.  I plan on opening my classroom up to families and inviting them in for art activities.  I'm hoping by creating a fun space for the kids right away, it will make it exciting to come to art class.

Update:  I am amazed at how well this worked.  There were lot's of families in my room checking out the station.  I was able to talk to parents as the kids played with the fun activities.  The families of Hassan are amazing!!  I can't wait to work with their kids!


  1. Wow your monsters wall is wonderfull!!

  2. I did a monster theme this year in my elementary classroom and we started the year by reading Monsters Love School. I see there's a Monsters Love Color on your table!! Hello Barnes and Noble here I come!!

    also way to go with the awesome set up. we have two parent nights and the enrichment team doesn't usually come because the parents never want to talk to us :/ phooey on them though because our jobs rock!!!