Friday, September 12, 2014

Managing the Masses...

This is working so nicely this year.  I have created a 'rainbow counter top' for my kids to put their art work on after they are done with their hour.  This works great because they match up their work with their table color.  I then come along and place the work in a labeled folder.  As I'm picking them up I'm pulling the artwork that doesn't have a name, or is behind and will need some special attention next time.  It's a bit of a formative assessment.  It also helps me organize the work of so many students and classes.  

The folders are labeled sheets of construction paper.  I have a box top cut and taped down in the middle to keep the two classes separate.  The drores are labeled with the teacher code.  I can quickly distribute the folders the next day I see the group by placing the folders out on the tables.  Having this space be a part of my classroom prevents me from letting things pile up on my counter spaces... not as if that would ever happen. 


  1. it certaily looks appealing. I didn't understand though- each student have their own color?

    1. Good question. Each student has a table that they sit at a and the table has a color. The students place their artwork on their color table. That is why I can simply distribute the folders to the correct table colors and the kids can hand out the work to the table members. Does this help with your question?