Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never Ending Pencil Battle...

These jars have been such a help in class.  Having a place by a pencil sharpener to place dull pencils and quickly replace them with sharp ones has helped my younger kids quite a bit!  The older kids do this as a job when they are finished with their work.  I haven't had to sharpen any pencils thus far.  Thanks to all the smart teachers who post their ideas... I know I have seen this on Pinterest once or twice. 

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  1. Some of my older middle schoolers have trouble with our pencil sharpener still, that is usually jammed with the tips of a thousand colored pencils. I have them each bring a pencil to class and many bring their own hand held sharpeners so it cuts down on the up and down pencil sharpener dance. But I really like this idea and especially having other students sharpen the pencils for you, genius!!