Sunday, September 7, 2014

What do I Need for ART?

How do you communicate to the whole school what supplies are needed for art class?  Well one way might be to post a board outside your room.  I'm really happy with this new way of taking on this task of communication.  First let me talk about how I made this sign so cool look'n. 

Bubble wrap!  I know... Genius!  So after I added liquid watercolors over the artwork, I let it dry resting on the bubble wrap.  I think you want to have the paper on the top so it can air out and dry.  It gave a fun little texture anyhow :)

I put push pins in the wall to hold the clip boards.  I think this will be nice to have something so easily changeable.  I don't always have the best handwriting for new readers so the fact that I will have these pre printed is a good thing. I used contact paper to hold the numbers and sign on.  I started out with some generic signs that I will have up whenever I don't need the kids to bring toolboxes, or paint shirts.  The teachers plan on sending a student to my room to view the sign before art so the kids come prepared.  I think it will work great as long as I am consistent. 

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