Thursday, October 9, 2014

Can You See Music?

When you have a school wide pajama party or a fire drill, maybe indoor recess or a... well a fly in the room... kids can get a little wound up.  This is a great solution to that.  I have used this in my little bag of tricks for several years in the elementary but I bet it might even work in the upper levels.  There is a YouTube channel named... Smalin.  It has saved me many times from overwhelming craziness.  Stephan Malinow has posted more than I will probably ever be able to watch.  He has video after video of beautiful, and visual music.  He takes classical music, and allows us to 'see' it.  It's amazing.  It works, your class will be slack mouthed and watching every note.  Below is the perfect song for the season, but there are so many more to watch. 

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