Sunday, October 19, 2014

Contour Line Owl

What a fun Project!!  This owl was inspired by a post I saw on a blog called Whatever.  Actually, I've seen it over and over again on Pinterest.  I watched the tutorial which taught me how to teach this lesson to my students.  I needed to slow down some of the steps so I made another supporting video for my 3rd graders to follow.  We practiced 3 times, first time we could pick up our pen for the continuous line drawing.  The next two tries, they were asked to keep the pen down.  This was very challenging for my students, but they love giving it a try.  The kids looked at the growth between their practices.  It was fun to hear them buzzing about their artwork. 

Our final project was bigger and on colored paper.  We drew the bird with sharpie and colored each section in with construction paper crayons.  I gave the kids two classes to complete this project.  I found the second day of coloring for an hour to be too much.  Next time I do this lesson, I'll be making it smaller.  

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  1. wonderful idea!I'm teaching older kids ,so it could be used as a fun project or a big deco for the hall!
    Best Regards