Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Warm and Cool Colored Spiders

For this project we concentrated on the use of tools in the art room.  We used oil pastels, watercolors (brush and paint) and paper (scissors and glue).

Day 1:  Cool and warm colors are introduced.  The students then practiced how to make a spiderweb several times before drawing the image on their final copy.  Once they were done they traced the pencil web with oil pastel. 

Day 2:  We review warm and cool colors started the hour off.  I also taught students about proper brush use.  The kiddo's painted the background with watercolors.  Extra time was filled with designs of the spider they would make next time. 

Day 3:  All colors of paper were offered and the students had to 'take the test'. They had to create a spider only using all warm, or all cool colors.  This was a great, active evaluation of if the students can categorize warm and cool colors. 

Click here to see how this concept was taught, video and concept.

The above is a great example of a wonderful spider, but there was both warm and cool colors used. 

Here is an example of a bug that used only cool colors, he/she got the concept... but could use a bit more practice on some art skills such as cutting and painting.

Two more examples of a cool spider and a warm spider.  All spiders were unique.

I was inspired by this image found on Pinterest.
Thanks for the inspiration!!


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  2. Great to see my painting inspiring young artists! http://www.klbaileyart.com/

    1. Us this yours? Love it! Thank you! It is a great image.