Sunday, November 16, 2014

50 Days in School!

We celebrated our 50th day in school on Friday.  So we all were asked to dress like we are from the 50's.  Last year I put on a sweet little retro dress and pearls.  I watched Youtube to learn how to put pin curls in my hair.  I was perfectly 'Leave it to Beaver' sweet.  Last year I was traveling from the middle school to the elementary.  I got the phone call right before my travel that my daughter was sick.  I showed up looking like I just got done dusting the drapes and making homemade chocolate chip cookies to pick her up.  I was not able to celebrate the fun day with Hassan...

 This year was different.  Instead of the fancy dress I chose to try a working woman look.  I was thinking about "I Love Lucy" look or the Rosie the Riveter (even though she was more late 1940's).
 After I was all done with my get up I looked int he mirror and saw more of a Tupac Shakur look.  I finished the look with some working boots and rolled up jeans.  I had a blast with the day.  The kids didn't recognize me.  I love this elementary dress up thing.  It's so easy to get a genuine smile from these young kiddos.

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