Friday, November 14, 2014

Check it out, and Check it off!

I love me my clipboards!!  I use them all the time.  These are my two new implementations.

Do you have 30 sections and just have not idea what you have told each of them?  Have you ever assumed that you already covered 'that' and the kids look at you like you have a 3rd eye?  Well, here is my solution.  I keep good notes in my binder on the lesson and where the kids ended up, but when I introduce new management ideas, I get lost.  As you can see above.  I have put all the classes on the top of the page and left a large section on the right side to write what the concept is.  I check it off as I present each topic to my students.  It's helped me plan and given me goals for each class.

Another clipboard.  This time I am inspired by our administrative staff at Hassan Elementary.  They have a great selection of 'shared' items stored in the office.  Among them class set of sharpies, class set of dry erase markers... things like that.  You simply have to 'check them out' and get them back to the office when done.  I wanted to do the same thing with the materials for my room.  I have a sign out sheet to help me understand who and what was borrowed.

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  1. This is a great idea! I'm going to start using the "check it off" clipboard to help me re bet what I've gone over with my multiple grade classes. I already use a check it out clip board & found it helpful to label & number everything so that when students check out supplies I know which one they are using & what condition it comes back in :)