Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Color Scheme Metal Bugs

OK... it took 6 weeks to get these done... but it was so worth it.  The kids worked really hard on this and it's something to be proud of.  My 5th-grade students were introduced to using metal tooling.  They designed their bugs and used different tools to make them pup out and five them detail and design.

 Each student picked a color scheme to create their bug and frame with.   The bugs were colored with sharpie marker and the frame was created with paper.

The final step was to add the antenna and legs with wire.  They created the wire pieces by experimenting with lot's of different methods.  They placed them down with glue dots and I give it a little extra strength with hot glue.

The bugs are stunning in the display case.  They are all different sizes and different styles.  The kids were able to take some of the required ideas and really be creative with it.  They LOVED the end result and the rest of the school has been AWED!

For an idea of how we created these bugs, please see my 5th-grade youtube playlist on my website


  1. These are gorgeous! Did you have students research their bugs or did you provide references? What kinds of tools did you use to make them pop out? Thanks!

  2. I am in awe of these fabulous bugs. My question...what is the metal and where do you get it?