Saturday, November 8, 2014

Empowering your Students

A year ago I gave a presentation for the ART of EDUCATION, winter conference 2014.  The topic I spoke on was 'Empowering your Students'.  It was a year-long investigation on the subject and I was excited to share.  I'm gearing up for another AOE conference and couldn't be more excited.  I'm telling you, this is a million, quick, to the point, simple ideas from great educators all over the nation.  I would highly encourage you to join the next AOE conference this winter.  (click here for more information

I saw a this post on FB today by Julia Schickel

Do you have this problem with giving instructions or students sharing about art??
5th grade Student: What are we supposed to be doing??? (5 minutes into 10-minute silent drawing warm-up... After I gave verbal instructions and had instructions clearly stated on the board)...
Me: I gave the instructions twice. Look at the board.
Students share their sketches at the end of the warm-up with a sentence describing their drawing. Going to start having only 3 randomly selected students share and after each they will add "I am now ready for questions and comments." Hoping this helps...anything is a start, right?

As always on this FB page, there was a lot of amazing suggestions and comments.  I thought I would post my presentation to help answer the question that Julia asked.  I'm learning much from the other educator responses as well.  Keep up the conversation art educators, it's valuable!  Here are more ideas of how to empower you students. 

PS.  I know that in the presentation there are some typos... I can't change it because it was pre-recorded.  Please be kind and listen to the information I'm trying to share.  If you follow this blog, you know I'm not gifted with my grammar and spelling... I still think I have some good ideas to share now and again.  Thanks.

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