Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Form Shape Mobiles

Inspired by Pinterest again... my 2nd grade students created these free-form shape mobiles.  These were so slick.  It was a quick, one-day project that got the idea of free form shapes across to my students.  Take a look at this YouTube to get an idea of how quick I was able to get them hung as well.  


  1. Thanks for the tip about stringing the mobiles as they are made and for the way you did the name tags. I like to do snowflakes to hang in January and hanging them has always been a chore. This will make it so simple!

  2. Stealing this! 4th graders are pumped to send their trading cards out!

  3. These are beautiful. Great tips about the labels and hanging idea. Where did you get the long beaded string thingy?

    1. The beads are beads from a bead door. They were in the room when I came in. Just one of those 'treasures' I guess.

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  5. I love the video. It brings the process to life. They look excellent.