Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kindergarten Lions: Drawing and Pasting and Printing... Oh my!

Day 1: for this little project was drawing and coloring the lion head.  Students followed along with me 2 times while we practiced using all our recently learned shapes to create a lion head.  After practice, each student created their own on the final sheet of paper.  They traced the pencil with sharpie and colored the head in with crayons. 

Day 2:  Students were showed how to create the frame to their lion head.  I prepared the frames with a line drawing of where the artwork would sit.  The kids used glue sponges and torn paper to create their frames.

I invited one table at a time to the printing station.  They were instructed in small groups to use the cardboard to create the lines for the lion mane.

These cute little treasures were adorable because they were each so unique.  It was great practice for following directions, yet not ONE of these lions looks like the next.  I feel this was a successful project.


  1. The frames really add a lot to the over-all pieces!!

  2. What?!? I am doing something almost the same with. First!?!