Wednesday, November 12, 2014

K's Line Whistling

I saw this great lesson on Facebook by Rina Vinetz author of K-6 Art.  It was so darn cute I had to give it a try.  I had to break so far after teaching this a couple of times, I have some tips to share.  I started out by asking students to draw lines on a whiteboard.  We started with a dot on the left side.  One of the K's called it the home button and I ran with it.  It reminded him of an iPad.  Then on the other side of the paper we put several dots from the top of the page to the bottom.  The lines went from the 'home button' to the dots on the other side.  

On their final sheet they made lines with several markers.  If they had time they used crayons to color in the white spots.  Durning this time, I took picture of the kids yelling or blowing 'the lines'.

The next class period I laid out picture of the K's on a table.  Kids collected and cut around the images of themselves.  I printed out two images of each kid so they had to tries to practice cutting around their image.  This part was very hard for these young artist. 

Oops... There were some mishaps.  Some lips and noses cut off... but overall, they were kindergarten cute!

Inspiration from Rina Vinetz author of K-6 Art

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