Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Onomatopoeia... On a Stick

So yesterday I showed you the amazing metal bugs that my 5th grade made.  It took so long to complete that I thought we would do a quick, one-day lesson.  We did Onomatopoeia's... on a stick.  What?  On a stick?  Why... Well, I'll tell you why.  Minnesota does everything on a stick.  You might not know this about my great state, but food is always better for a Minnesotan if you serve it on a stick.

Our Minnesota State fair is called the Minnesota Great Family Get Together, and everything is 'On a Stick'... Cheese, meat, deep fried candy bars.  You got it, everything is better on a stick.  'You Betcha'!

So why not Onomatopoeia's? 

I gave them lot's of hints on how to create bubble letters, and simple ways to do paper cutting letters.  We placed them on a craft stick and they walked out the door with it.  They were really excited to have a project to take home.  I used a GREAT video to start this lesson off.  Check it out on my 5th-grade website playlist.

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