Thursday, December 11, 2014

Express Yourself

Express yourself is in art station in my classroom to allow students to learn on their own about facial proportion and expression. I have used the outline of a head as the base of this station. I laminated the head and placed Velcro strips on the areas of the face that would have the features on it. Below the head is a felt board that has many features of the face with Velcro attached to the back. Students are given time at the end of the hour to play at the station.

As I introduce this station to my students, I show them how by simply changing the eyebrows the expression can totally be different.  For example...

Students might say that his face looks worried or concerned.

This one might be scared.  I changed the eye brows to point out.

By angling the eyebrows down, the face becomes angry. 

This is simply magic to the kids.  All I did was change the eyebrows. Students will sometimes put the facial features in the wrong spots, we can jump off from that with a lesson on Picasso.  This has been a popular station in the room this year!