Thursday, December 18, 2014

Google Draw

Do you use Google Draw?  I love it.  I mostly use it for myself at this point but I want to incorporate it into my older grades.  For those of you who are not using it, it's part of the Google options in Google Drive.  The icon looks like this (see above).  I found a good, quick explanation on this on Tek Handy

While at the recent TIES conference, I ran across this little tool. RESEARCH!! It has been really good for me.  During the conference there were several of us on our staff that went so we created a google share folder to put notes in.   I shared on draw and a coworker, our amazing media and technology specialist, Mrs. Harapat informed me that our district blocks the use of research.  Most images will come up as an 'X'.  So I wanted to share this for your personal use as educators as well as to try with a kid or two before you develop a lesson using it. 

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! Not only did I not know about "Research" but I didn't even realize Google Draw was sitting right there waiting for me to use. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!