Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mondrian Ornaments

My kindergarteners had a blast making these great primary color holiday ornaments.  This was a two-day project that really turned out quite nice. 

Day 1:  Students were introduced to the primary colors.  I always use the song, Red and Yellow, Blues, by Greg Percy.  This song really gets them going and puts this concept into memory.   We also looked at Piet Mondrian's, Broadway Boogie Woogie.  We then used acrylic black paint and cardboard to stamp/print several black lines onto the artwork.  Even though we did look at the artwork of Mondrian, I didn't give requirements of how to do the black lines.

Day 2:  Students review the concept of primary colors.  All it took was the first three notes of the song and... they knew them.  Kinders are so dang smart!  We took out our scissors and first cut out the top of the bulb.

I used a shiny sheet of tag paper for this.  There was not one topper in the whole room that looked like my example (and that's what I love about Kindergarten).  I also had the circles pre-drawn for the k's on their artwork from last time.  They also cut their circle out at this time too.  All scissors and pencils were put away.

As I played a recording of how to do the painting, I ran around the room and blued the topper onto the circle.  Now I gave the kids tempera cakes in the primary colors.  They added the color onto the bulbs.  The ended up looking really great!  I was really proud of these guys for working so hard.
My favorite part was that each ornament was totally individual looking.

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