Saturday, January 31, 2015

#AOEConference OUTTAKES!

Having a blast with the AOE conference today.  There are so many GREAT presenters and I have learned so much, as always!  Don (from Shine Brite Zamorano) and I presented on collaboration and I think the presentation came together well.  It might even seem flawless...  Let me tell you... IT's NOT!! Wanted to share some of the 'bloopers' of our presentation. 

Update:  Tim Bogatz also had a couple of outtakes!!  I was told that Mr. E had it perfect on the first take... Awe if we could all be like Mr. E. :) Sooo Funny!  Just another reason I love working with so many great art educators around the world! Tim's outtakes are really fun.  Thanks for sharing!