Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cupcakes Sculptures

More Thiebaud Treats!!

4th grade baked up some lovely cupcake sculptures... well maybe not baked, but you could have fooled the viewers of these amazing sculptures. I got my inspiration from Blick Art last year at the National Conference.  Their fake cupcakes were a little different than mine but the same idea. I had my daughter help with the explanation of how to create these cakes.  

I used both silicone and traditional cupcake pans for the forms.  This was my 4th grades first experience with paper machè.  You heard Matisse in the video call the machè egg whites... I choose to call it that after I had a kid throw up from me calling it snot :) Live and learn.  I use Art Paste for my mache.  I love this stuff!  It works really well.  The cakes had to dry for a day before they could be decorated. 

One day I had the kid make the frosting (recipe on a previous post about the cake sculptures) ... I will say that didn't go so well.  It was fun but some kids didn't fully mix the glue and the shaving cream well.  This left the frosting to disintegrate. The following days I set up a station.  That worked better.

These turned out REALLY sweet (pun totally intended)

Yep, that's George Cupcaketon... another reason why I love my job.


  1. Hi! I am going to try this with my art students. How many layers of paper did you have them paper mache? I would like to do that part in one class and paint the next time. Does this make sense? Thanks.

    1. Yep, part one was done in the first class... let dry and day two was the decorating (and lot's of clean up). Layers... I told the kids the more the stronger. Give it a try on your own first.