Friday, January 2, 2015

Five Snowflake Stations

I wanted to give my students a little choice before break.  It was so much fun to let them work at stations.  They had a blast,  and it created a very positive classroom! I first introduced them to how to draw snowflakes.  The lesson and practice session lasted about 15 minutes.  The rest of the time was at the different stations.   Here are the 5 stations I offered for snowflake making.

1.  Black Paper with Silver Sharpie:  I have found when you let students use more obscure materials, they go nuts.  It's hard to order a whole class set, but a station of markers works!

2.  iPad's:  I called them technology flakes.  I used the App Doodle Buddy. I'm not sure if the kids are using this in their homeroom or in the media class but they didn't need any training. They helped each other and really didn't need much teacher assistance at all.

3. Collaboration on Large Format Paper:  Again, giving students something that they don't usually get is intriguing to them.  I used paper to cover the table and the kids used crayons to create some of the 'best' and most beautiful snowflakes they could. 

4.  'Secret' Snowflakes: This was two stations in one.  The first place they went to was to draw their snowflakes with white oil pastels on white paper.  Once finished, they moved to a second station where I had liquid watercolors setup.

5.  Popsicle Snowflakes: Cheapest, most fun station there was.  Kids worked by themselves or collaboratively to make snowflakes using popsicles sticks.

I will use this method again! The kids had a blast and it was really a nice way to teach and allow students to play, create and experience art first hand!


  1. I'll try with my middle school students, thanks! ... AND HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  2. What a lovely video: Such dedicated and peaceful explorations! Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational example of choices that reinforce and support communal learning.

  3. This is great. I'll be stealing the Popsicle snow flake idea. We are learning about symmetry in Art for the month of January with the kinders. They will go nutty over that project as they love being in teams!

  4. How did you facilitate rotating through the centers? Love the fresh look at the beauty of symmetry!

  5. I love this idea! We start back on Monday and my second graders have a new student joining the class. Offering snowflake stations could be a great way for the new boy to get acquainted with some new friends. Thanks for a great new idea!