Monday, January 19, 2015

On my Blog Roll

There is a lot of conversations and sharing going on about blogs.  I love that more and more resources are being shared.  I love the Art Teacher page on FB.  It always has great humor and ideas.  Jean Freer Barnett started an Art Blog List and it has been fun to be introduced to blogs I was unaware of.  

There are other great resources out there.  Art Ed Guru has another one.  On this site you will see great resources and blogs.  I love this site and use it all the time. 

I put Art blogs, Art Eduction blogs, and Education blogs on my blogroll all the time.  With the roll out of the AOE blog nominations, and the lists mentioned above, I was able to add 25 more blogs to my roll tonight. I have about 500+ blogs rolling on the side of my blog.


A couple weeks ago, I realized that I didn't have Mr. E on my blogroll... MR. E!! I mean come on now... How could I miss a blog like that? I follow him on so much other social media, I didn't know he wasn't on my blog roll.  It made me wonder who else I'm missing?  My blogroll always updates the latest post.  If you don't see yours on, let me know, I'll change it. 

Why is it important to have quality blogs on my blog roll? It's where I go for ideas... I love our online community of sharing, collaborating, and learning.  This blogroll is a way for me to see you have posted something new.  It's a way to advertise for you, it's a way to say thanks.  That is why I want your blog on my blogroll!  Please share links and resource lists.  I'm interested! 


  1. :) I was so offended too!!! ha ha 500 you say....WOW.

    1. It's not so much about offending you (although I don't want to do that). It's more about the great resource you are and I want to support anyone who is sharing their ideas. You rock MR. E, Thanks for sharing your great program with us!

  2. It's like Christmas going through your blog role! I just gave blogging another go.... (after attending a NAEA conference session with Mr. E!) I am attempting to document how I get an idea and how I make it work. Hmmm...maybe I need to blog about how Mr. E inspired me now..... Happy blogging!