Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pop-up Cards

Pop-up cards were a hit for my 2nd grade.  I wanted to give them a skill that they thought was really cool and would be able to use in the future.  You are going to get a kick out of the instructional video (about 2:55 on the clip) when you hear the kids clap. They thought I was teaching them magic. 

Below was an image that was sent to me from a parent.  I had received several emails. Parents are telling me that there are pop-up cards being made at home in most households.  These cards below are 'for sale'. That is art.  Art is what kids can value, create, experiment with at home. Give pop-up cards a try... the kids loved them!

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  1. This is so great- I've been meaning to teach pop-up cards for a while now as I know the kids will go mental over them. Now I have your great video to use!! Thanks so much for sharing :)