Wednesday, January 21, 2015

REAL Cupcakes!

The BIG surprise is revealed! 

As I have mentioned a couple of times, it is Hassan Elementary's 10th Birthday.  Happy Birthday to us!! We have made the birthday celebration our theme for the school year.  Our school practice PBIS and our students are encouraged for positive behavior by earning Paw Prints (was are the Huskey's you know... ).  Our school has set a goal for a celebration.  On average, our school has a HUGE celebration with a school wide event.  Last year we had the Okee Dokee Brothers play... Soooo Awesome!  I thought it would be fun to have the celebration connect with what they are learning in Art!  

Our parent group, health office, and clerical staff helped put this fun event into reality.  Cub Foods, a local grocery store, gave us a good deal on plane cupcakes (we also had help with this deal due to a parent of one of our first graders).  We got a 5 gallon tub of frosting and asked parents to bring in sprinkles... let me tell you, we got sprinkles.  

So, for the next 6 days, as the kids come into Art, there is an EXTRA excitement because the students of Hassan Elementary get to decorate a cupcake.  I will have 29 sections, about 750 cupcakes/students, and the smell of frosting coming from my room for the next week.  The video below is how I introduced the event. 

After doing the event for two classes, I asked my 3rd grade to help out with a video to explain to the other classes how the day should look.  See the movie below. 

We talked about how making a cake/cupcake is creative (or it can be).  We discussed what artistic choices we would make and had made.  This tasty treat fit so nicely into what have been working on with the kids.

In preparation for this event we sent our social worker, Mary T. Schmit, two of our teachers from technology/media, Beckett Witzek and Mary Badrawi to a local bakery.  Rebecca's Bakery was quite gracious to let us see and photograph the bakery in action. Assegedech (the baker below) has 3 kids and 2 of them go to Hassan.  It was fun to highlight this family from our school. 

Come on... isn't this a great picture!  Nice work Mrs. Badrawi.