Monday, February 23, 2015

ATC form MR. K!!

Hey, Hey Mr. K.!  Mr. Kantor was the main Art Teacher at Hassan Elementary from 2012-2014.  Due to budget cuts in the district, we sadly lost this excellent coworker.  He did receive a great position in St. Francis, MN teaching elementary students.  He was kind enough to trade cards with my 4th grade.  It has been like getting a trade from a celebrity.  Mr. K send a step by step of how his class created these wonderful cards.  Nice touch!  We have been slowly working on gathering cards to send back to Kantor's class.  What I'm finding is that the 4th graders don't want to trade their cards that they have been working so hard on.  Each card takes an hour and a lot of skill and these kids are loving them.  That's great, but it's hard to get a trade.  Anyway, as students are finishing up their OP Art project, I'm asking them to create a card that WILL be sent. I'm up to 89 Mr.  Only another 50 to go :). 

For more about the ATC project, click here.  Check out Mr. K's blog (click here)

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