Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Future Co Workers #Art396

I said I would never be a fan of Twitter... and here I am.  I love it, I check it often and my 'following' has doubled in the last month.  I'm following some AMAZING people (specifically teachers) and I have even attended a great 'Twitter Chat' on Thurs. nights with some thought provoking ideas and conversation (click here for Twitter Chat # K12ArtChat).

I'm starting a 'Twitter discussion'... well kind of.  As I've mentioned, I'm teaching a course to Elementary Education Majors.  Kind of an appreciation of art class.  It is to prepare them to teach art if there is not art teacher at there school and/or to help them support their curriculum using art.  I would like to pose questions here and on twitter to share real comments from real teachers.  I know you will be great for this... I'm looking for honest, positive, feedback to share with our future coworkers.

Here is my first question to bring your way...

What are some things that you wish or appreciate that homeroom teacher/other subject teachers do that support the Visual Arts in your school (and therefore supports you)?

You can comment here, on facebook (I'll post this on the Art Teachers Page) as well as on Twitter.  I would love to hear your voice on the subject.

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  1. Sharing their big topics at the start of the year so I can incorporate them into my lessons (this year 5th grades is focusing on descriptive writing... good to know). Talking with their students about "craftivities" vs. "art activities." Carftivity = follow the leader, make this craft projects. Art activity = thinking, problem solving, creating.