Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Color Testing Station

In a previous post I wrote about student mixing up the color of their skin (click here).  I asked if anyone had any tips and tricks for allowing students the right/opportunity/encouragement/courage to match their skin correctly.  Miss had a great suggestion...

I love this idea of a color testing station.  I implemented it right away for my K's and 1st grade self-portraits.  It was successful!  The kids loved to go to the 'special location' to get the right color for their skin.  It was an event and the kids thought... really thought about the color that matched the best.

For more GREAT ideas from Miss, check out her blog A Faithful Attempt.

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  1. I like this idea. When I want kids to focus on color matching I put out pieces of white scratch paper( larger than their work) for them to work on. That way, whenever they want to match colors of any media, they just test in on their work mat first. That works, too:)) I like the way any process like this generates good artist conversation between students as they try to "match" colors.