Monday, March 9, 2015

Self Portrait, Mini Portfolio- Part 1

 This lesson I gave several weeks ago, but having the kids only once every 6 days, it really stretches out a lesson.  Our elementary students really celebrate 100 day.  It's fun!  I happened to be working on self-portraits with my K's and 1's (1st grade didn't have art as Kindergarten so they are getting some of the same lessons).  I gave a pre-test in a mini portfolio.  this small book asks students to draw themselves with no direction from me. On page number two, students follow along with me as I teach them about drawing a face.  Page number three I had them draw themselves as if they were 100 years old.  They thought this was so funny.  We talked about aging a face and the kindergarten teachers shared an app with me that can do that to an image of a face.  The above picture is a image of me after I have been 'aged' on AgingBooth

As you can see, the kids created 100-day crowns in their homeroom and everything.  It is always fun to watch young artist draw themselves.  They did these three images in one hour.  I will update you on day two soon.

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  1. What a fun idea for the 3 part drawing!! I love it! I've been struggling teaching 1st graders how to draw a self portrait, and I like this! It eases them into it, and the picture of them when they're 100 is hilarious!