Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Storage for Lessons

At my St Cloud college job, I walked into the Art Room and immediately saw this figurine on the side counter. I recognized it from the National Conference that was hosted in Minneapolis several years ago.  I didn't fight other art teachers to be one of the few to get one, so I missed out, but always wanted one.  Well, here it is... sitting in St. Cloud University.  It was sitting by this cool old truck with VanGogh's face on it. 

I opened up the suitcase only to find a bunch of wonderful VanGogh supporting materials for a lesson.  How cool is that?  This would be a great way to store a lesson for your class year after year. When you get new materials, you just open it up and store it all together.  I also see a lot of great direction for TAB classrooms.  How cool would that be to have art history 'trips' with a suitcase.  So dang cool!

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  1. We do this in our district. Put Thematic Units or Artists with all the visuals in old suitcases. I love seeing the different suitcases stored all together. :)