Monday, March 2, 2015

Sub Plans- Setting Up the Room

I have seen this on Pinterests a lot... a sub tub. Here is how I have set up my sub tub.  I have K/1, 2/3. and 4/5 lesson plans. They are generic so any sub could come in and perform these lessons. 

This is how I set up my room. (picture below)  I want to make sure that all materials that I do not want touched are put away.  I even get out sub pencils.  Kids are unkind to my materials when I'm not there to watch.

I have saved the schedule of each day on a google doc so all I have to do is fill in the blanks and print.

In the tub I have laminated sheets.  These sheets have the digital days on them so I can check them off when a day has had this lesson.  This helps so I don't repeat the experience for my classes.

In the folder I will typically have the laminated lesson, any special supplies (a book or materials), and a project sample or two.  for most lessons, I will give a multiple step lesson that can only enrich the concept if time allows.  For example...  This one is talking about winter gloves. I got the steps from Pinterests. I show the glove, how to decorate, how to outline, how to color... If time the gloves can be holding a book (inspired by I love to Read Month) , the book can be their favorite book... still time... on the other side of the book they can write why this book is their favorite.  Get the picture?  I never want to leave a sub with not enough to do.  I also like them to repeat the lesson so that they can feel comfortable hour after hour. 

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