Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clay Nests

Cute Alert!!  The K Bird Nests are adorable. In our artist SWAP, Mrs. Schultz came in and taught our students at Hassan clay.  That's right, she signed up to teach K-5 (roughly 780 projects) for 6 days straight.  She is kind of my hero!

So this means that I am finishing up 780ish projects and can't wait to share them all with you.  Leah made these really cute bird nests with our K's.  I came back and there were all these little texture filled nests with white little eggs in them.  Leah explained that she has the kids paint the eggs they give it to here and she adds a little raphia and glues the eggs in the nests.

Students were working in stations in the mean while. They were called in small groups to the painting station.

They would pick their raphia and place it around their next.  When I had a minute during class I would quickly assemble the final projects, and immediately place them in the display case.

The plan is to have the projects back in the kids hands just in time for mothers day.  This is going to be the perfect project to go home to Mom!