Friday, April 17, 2015

Collaborative Stop Motion Animation- 1st grade

You will see quite a progression in the videos in this post.  In the last week at Twin Lakes Elementary I worked with 6 sections of 1st grade.  It was so much fun to do this collaborative lesson each group and you can tell that there was a lot of learning for me from class to class. Let me share so you can learn from my growth.

The first thing I did with each class is introduce them to the theme of their project.  You will see that the 'bug' project (my first project with 1st grade) I did not explain how to draw a successful bug.  The rest of the classes I talked about how to make a large and simplistic character that would be easy to cut out.

Once each student had created their character, I had them come into line.  This worked out really good because some kids are done in two minutes, and some wanted to take longer.  As the students came to the front of the line they moved their character a bit. Another student would take the pictures, move, picture, move picture... until the character had made it's way across the background.  They then moved to the picture taker and the next student brought their character across, as shown above.

This project above was the last created.  I spent a bit more time on the background.  I made two layers to the mouse hold as shown below. I just used legos to prop the upper paper.  Simple, simple... 

The 'Patter Chicks", "Mouse House", and "Traffic Jam" videos, you can tell that I discovered sound on the Stop Motion Studio App. At the end of class after watching the video once, the students lined up and made their sounds as I walked with the iPad next to them.

Love the "Fish Swim" and "Snail Race" videos. They are so cute.  These are once that I taught my students how to draw first.  You can tell that they are still VERY unique, but they are large and complete. 

There always is a first.  These bugs were great!  I have a first grader and I understand that they are working on bugs in their homeroom.  This was a great way to reinforce their homeroom studies by talking about the different parts of a bug.


  1. I've been meaning to do a stop motion animation project for a while (a few of the kids are desperate to try it!) but I'm not sure what's best to use - is it possible to do things like this with just a normal digital camera and laptop?

  2. Here are some ideas for using digital cameras. I will say it's not as streamline. Good luck!

  3. What is the iPad mounted on? Looks like a document camera....

    1. An iPad Document Camera Stand...