Monday, April 20, 2015

#NAEA 15- Snazaroo Face Paint

I was lucky enough to acquire bag full of goodies from Liquitex while at the #NAEA 15 convention.  It had lot's of great products that I can't wait to tell you all about.  For anyone who knows me, you KNOW I love to dress up.  I will wear makeup and a costume any chance I get.

Babe the blue ox with my Paul Bunyan, cat picture number one... and should one have a cat picture number two??  Well I do.  I just grabbed a could of face painted images of myself.

That is why I was excited to see the pack of Snazaroo face paints in the bag of goodies.  I love these paints, and thought they would be perfect to bring to Easter a couple weeks ago. 

I pulled out the paints for the 8 kids at the gathering ages 2-9.  I explained that I would not be painting their faces, they would have to do it on their own.  I was inspired by a post I wrote a couple of years ago (click here) about the Children's Museum o Minnesota. 

This little guy had a blast.  'C' thought he was being so funny and couldn't get enough of his image. with every stroke of paint, he squealed and showed anyone who would pay attention. 

 He was really excited to show his grandpa!

My 9 year-old thought it was fun to add a couple years onto himself by adding some facial hair.

The girls painted each others faces.  It was Easter, so they were bunnies.  They hopped around the yard for hours.

Some of the kids were quite precise others a little more loosey goosey. All the kids had a great time playing with the colorful, bright paints. Thank so much to Liquitex for sharing this wonderful product with me and my family.

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