Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#NAEA 15- Travel the Road of Art with a MAPP

I shared a little yesterday about a wonderful blogger named Laura, from Painted Paper.  I was glad to be a visiter in her later presentation with Ginger, from Paintbrush Rocket, and Lisa who also works with these ladies.  She created the supporting presentation for this presentation. It's worth checking out (click here)... and it's FREE on teachers pay teachers.   They were each able to present on... well... basically, 'going be, or going home'. 

The wall be hind them was as plastered with art as it can be in the 5 minutes they had to prepare for their presentation.  All of the ladies talked about their large format displays.  

Laura talked about how she sets up her paper for each table and they paint away.  Each class add a little more and by the end of the day, they have just made an amazing, large format paper mural.  This can be hung the next day with about 150 students taking part.  When she displays art it covers, I mean covers the wall.  She will take a theme and hand all artwork to coordinate with her theme. She said she had a principal say to her one time, "You're not only my art teacher, You're also my PR." So true, we (art teachers) give the feel of the school from the start.

Ginger share some very inspiring pieces as well.  Get this little trick that she does.  There are two REALLY BIG cork boards in her school as visitors come in.  She designs a theme and an outline and get's all of the students to crate an art work.  She rolls out the paper staples it on.  Some student paint directly on the paper (going into the hallways), some do art in the classroom and it is stapled on.  She had a city theme, a garden theme, and a hot air balloons theme.  Another project that I found inspiring was a clay mosaic that she had each student build a part of and it was reassembled in GREAT glory on her school wall permanently.

Lisa talked to us about her fiber, large format collaborations.  She showed a felted tree.  Her students created felted leaves to place on the large fabric.  It was stunning.  She also did a community project of a Barn Quilt block. It was really big and they expect it to be hung on a local barn in the spring.

I was very impressed with the ideas that this group brought forward.  I also enjoyed the more open discussion feel that they allowed in their presentation.  It was a very welcoming presentation. 


  1. Thanks for mentioning us! It was great fun to present at NAEA. Laura and I talked about it last night, we are planning to present again next year. We loved the sessions from others and learned lots... but we agree, we got a lot out of presenting ourselves too! In fact... I am calling to get our hotel room reserved today. You can never plan too early!!! I hope to see you there too!

    1. WOW! That is awesome! I plan on attending, but not booking the hotel yet. :)