Sunday, April 19, 2015

#NAEA15 Class Themed Artroom

One couldn't help but smile as they entered Suffolk Art Teacher, Jodie Linkous presentation at the NAEA 15 convention.  She was a hoot!  This woman had a explained how she gave this same feeling to every student that attends her school.  She truly embodies the feeling of an art teacher from her themed rooms, decorated entrance to her class room, and her dress... oh her dress! She seems to have a whole prop room in her classroom.

Jodie has presented at VA, state conferences, but I'm so glad she brought her show on the road to New Orleans.  She explains she has become quite famous in her town representing Oakland Elementary School- Suffolk, VA.  She appears in the news paper often with her over the top activities that she creates in her classroom and through out the school, collaborating with other teachers. 

I like her opening slides, she talked about the benefits of making memories and bringing creativity back into the classroom. She also showed a slide explaining her 'imagination homework'.  As her students exit the room. They will see a weekly homework 'requirement'.  They are asked to think about the themes listed on the board. 

The thing I liked most about Mrs. Linkous is that she was willing to share EVERYTHING.  She had too many participants than she had supplies.  She was a hit!  She gave away prizes and even treated us to some curriculum based songs.  

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