Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pinterest is Shutting Down?

We so fell for it.  Did you read the article from AOE this morning.  I read it and STRESSED out.  I told my kids that I was thinking about canceling Easter egg hunts because 'Mama's go'na need some time to work on the computer' to off load EVERYTHING I have pinned.  That is going to take hours.  I read it to my son, an avid pinner.  He said, that's no good Mom.  Lucky it's April fools today.  I sighed in relief.  HOLY COW! Sawyer said, 'yah mom, it's April Fools Day.  I've been thinking of this day... since yesterday'.  Such a 3rd grade response.  This mean joke placed on the whole art community is an outrage (OK... it's not and I might have shared the article with my whole staff.  It's dang funny!). 

Well done AOE and Tim Bogatz.

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  1. Hahaha! I guessed (prayed) it was an April fool joke. Thank goodness!! I was thinking: someone better get in touch with Donna Staten, FAST! She's gonna need to do damage control! Really good joke, Tim and AOE!