Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spin Art Bike

I have lot's of amazing Art filled friends.  The one I want to highlight today is Mickey Jurewicz.  She lives in the hip, art inspiring area of St. Paul.  Her apartment complexes open their door for an Art Crawl.  This is a lot of fun and some amazing art to be found. If you are local, go check it out yourself... 2285 University Ave. W., St. Paul.

We went to visit this amazing lady yesterday and she had this really cool spin art apparatus.  Are you kidding me?  Moving, collaborative, discovery art at is't finest.

Mickey explains that this Spin Art Bike was created by the Mayor and First Lady of Mt. Holly (friends of hers). What a hoot!  This was such a fun day.  One day left, be sure to check it out yourself! 


  1. so awesome! i'm gonna borrow this for our end of the year celebration of art:)

    1. This would so fit in with your program. Simple idea too! Love simple fun!