Friday, May 1, 2015

Aboriginal Hand Designs

My second grade studies Australia every year and I try to work with the homeroom teachers to make something really great to place in their book they make for this unit.

We looked at the Crystal Productions Aboriginal Art Prints to start out this lesson (see previous post of us looking under tables at the work).  We highlighted specifically the turtle in the upper right corner of the image below.  So we started by preparing the paper in the background with patterns and designs.
The next class, I asked the students to draw around their hands and paint them with Q tips.  I had them walk around the class to get the different colors.  I love having my students move around the room (they like it too).

Day three, the students finished up their patterns and cut out their hands.  I allowed them to glue their hands on anyway that they want (vertical, horizontal, centered, one or two hands...)

This last image was a student who was gone the day we painted our hands. I gave her black paper and a silver marker. This turned out stunning.  I might do this for everyone next year.  Found lot's of inspiration all over the internet for this project from blogs like, For the Love of Art and more found on my Pin Board.

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