Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chalk Dot

I love the end of the year because there is so many opportunities to get outside with your students.  If it is even a somewhat nice day outside, I'm out there with my students.  K's had a blast making their own dots outside after reading the book The Dot, By Peter Reynolds. This is such a versatile book. Kids love to listen to teachers read, but we also ended the hour with a video of the book too.

We started out with layered dots. 

Some dots were more about mixing the chalk... and not really dots at all.

Up in the left corner of the image above was a 'not dot'.  they designed the area around the dot (negative space).   And below, a water mellon dot.  They thought it was hilarious when I told them they could not eat the dots :) I should really be a stand-up comedian (for kindergarteners only).

We took a picture next to our gallery and also did a gallery walk on our way in.  These messy little artist loved the art day outside.

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  1. Beautiful work, great idea, messy kids... chalk trifecta!