Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coil Pots

Again, I know this isn't something new to the art world, but what a good reminder that simple can be stunning!  Another post from our Art Teacher Swap. Leah did these coil bowls with my 5th grade.  She had plenty of forms for the students to choose from.  These were sturdy bowls and containers that I'm sure she has gathered over the years.  She lined the containers with paper towel and the kids build the coils inside of the bowl.  The inside of each pottery piece is totally smoothed.  Each of these clay project that I've been posting on are an hour to create.

I jumped in after firing and used up all the glaze I had in my backroom... There were samples and glaze marked 2005.  It felt good to go through that and use the good stuff... That is my philosophy these days... don't save it... use it!

I'm sure our 5th grade Moms were impressed with the perfectly age appropriate, quality clay bowls that were create with Mrs. Schultz! 

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