Friday, May 8, 2015


Another amazing project from our Art Teacher Swap.  The Crock-O-Gaters were a hit in the 2nd grade as well as for all the viewers of this wonderful project.  Again, I can't bring you through the 'how' of making, but I can tell you how we finished up.

I prepped the paint in stations so they were able to pick any color they wanted for the body. I gave them 20 minutes to paint the body.  All 'white spots' had to disappear with the exception of the mouth and eyes (if they wanted to leave these parts white). I made them use the whole 20 minutes because I wanted to give the paint a little time to dry before the next layer.  They were instructed to paint, clean their brush and play in the 20 minutes allowed.  I had some activities set up on the floor for early finishers.

Then I gave them each a Q-tip, they choose a second color to 'dot up' their Crock-O-Gater.  Once they tossed away their Q-tips, they got to choose a puffy paint color to give the 'final' details to their project.  It created just a little texture.

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