Saturday, May 30, 2015

Inspired... both teacher and student.

Let me take a minute to show you the AWE I have for my students.  I taught my 2nd grade stop motion at the end of the year here.  It was fun, and successful, but I was questioning if I was showing this process to my students at too young of an age, should I wait to show them in 4th or 5th grade?  After the interaction with my coworker, I say NO! I will keep this concept in 2nd grade so they can develop it as they continue to get older.

Mrs. H., our Media Specialist, has three little sweet peas and I have the honor of teaching two of them.  She came rushing down to me on Friday to show me what these little girls were doing.  She explained that her daughter was moving the chairs around and stacking them on top of each other.  She asked what was going on, and little N. explained that she was making a stop motion.  Mrs. H. was completely impressed that N. was making an iPad stand the way she was.  She explained that it was because I told them they can be creative, they can use anything to 'make' art.  I gave them examples in class (see previous post).

Mrs. H. is sure that it's because I told them they could be creative, they could use anything... She believes that I gave them permission in my words to do so.  I guess so... I never looked at it that way.  Maybe telling kids they can... You can try, you can make, you can do, you can invent.  Your brain is POWERFUL!! Maybe that's what they need to hear.

By the time she got back up to her room the Kindergarten sister was making a stop motion too.  2nd grade sister was teaching her how.  That is cool... That is what happens when these kids go home, it's just not shared with us often.  Think of what you are doing teachers... think of who and what you are inspiring.  Take this summer off, recharge and get ready to inspire again next year!

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