Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Me and My Shadow-- Part Two

Yesterday I posted about a similar project to this one.  If you have followed my blog before, you know that I often do "Art experiments" where I have some classes doing one thing, and the others trying something different.  This is one of those times.  Two sections did the project from yesterday (click here). They were simplistic, straight forward, and successful.  These allowed for more creativity but because of that choice, and freedom, might not be as high of craftsmanship.  I would love to hear from you what project you find to be more successful.

Started out both projects with body movement and practicing the drawing the figure.  We also had the same basic parts to this project.  They created a tracer, they used to to make both a shadow and a figure... so far, almost the same.  The only difference is the shadow went on a brick wall for this group.

The last day was the day I gave them the 'Mission Possible'... played the Mission Impossible theme song and all... I gave them a packet of scrapbook supplies that we have had donated several years back but never has been used.  I gave them the whole kit and told them they could use anything they wanted in it... and... (wait for it... ) you get to take anything you don't use in the kit home with you!!  (and the crowd goes wild).  Sure, you and I know this is also called SPRING cleaning... but the kids were very impressed and excited.

I gave them a brief explanation of how to create a background with a horizon line.  I also let them use all the dry mediums they wanted.  I set the visual timer on the projector for 40 minutes and away they went. 

Both ways I did this projects have the same mistakes (as seen below).  Both groups were proud of their work.  I think this group was able to explore a little more creativity.  I think the other group might have more consistently high quality works. So for me, I think it comes down to what are you assessing... concept, tools, or creativity.  That might determine what project to try again next year.


  1. I get a kick out of these more. Altho at first it looked like they were jumping out of a window. I went dark:) But then they looked they were jumping in front of a wall. Love the more narrative element possible with these:)

    1. Thanks for your perspective and feedback Don. I didn't see the window thing until you mentioned it... I will have to work on the horizon line a bit more next time. :) Thanks again for the comment.