Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What if there were no coincidences?

 I have never hand written a blog post before, but why not.  In short this is a letter to my grandma.  She is entering her 4th round of chemo and is healing, slowly.  Anyone who has seen chemo in action knows it hurts... it's painful.  I have not been able to be by her side as much as I would like to.  She is two hours away.  My 90 year old grandpa and her live across the road from my Mom and Dad, and down the road from my sister and her family, so I know she is in good hands.  Our family has taken to writing a letter every day that the mail goes out.  The kids draw pictures, write letters using their spelling words and tell her about their day.  My husband gives the fishing report, how much rain we have had, and talks about the garden and how it is growing.  I share my life with Grandma in little bits, here is the last letter I wrote.

It might be very hard to read/see this story, but let me brief it for you.  I got home after a long day at life and had supper with my family (as always).  We discussed our evening and I offered to take my daughter with me as my husband brought my son to baseball practice.  I had to attend a PTO meeting. Matisse decided it would be more fun to play on the playground rather than join me at a meeting so I ran back to school, made my presentation, and was heading home when I remembered the book I needed to return (and somewhat large fee I had to pay off) at the library.  As I was there, the book for our next book club meeting was awaiting me.  I picked it off from the shelve and went to the librarian rather than the self check out that I usually go to.  The librarian looked at my book, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, by Lorna Landvik.  She said, 'Did you know that she is speaking right now?'  I buzzed into the back door of the presentation room and was greeted with laughter.  Lorna talked about her books, her life, her writing.  She made us laugh, and laugh some more. She loves her life and reminded me how wonderful it is to see humor, and love what you do.

Do you have a charmed life?  Can you see the good in your life?  Do you love to laugh, and admire what you have?  What if there were no coincidences?  What if the life we live is a ride we get to take with our hands up, a big smile on our face for what is happening in this moment and excitement for what is around the corner? I know this is not my regular post, but today I felt it was necessary to reflect and share.  Tomorrow, I will continue with my regular scheduled Arty, kid based goodness! 


  1. I read your entire letter, Nichole. What a nice sentiment to have someone writing her a letter every day. I would say like you, she is also blessed. I know when she gets your letters it makes her day...her week. She just spoke about them on Sunday when I saw her. She mentioned Sawyer's letter in particular, and she was smiling the entire time she talked about him. Honestly, not many people would take time out from their lives (and you have a very busy one), to do that. You are an inspiration. Now...get back to weeding out those "rotten" grapes. :)

    1. AWE... you made me tear up. Barb, there are not many people who's complement could effect me the way yours has. You are such a respected person in my life, it meant more than you could know to hear this comment from you. I respect, admire, and honor who you are. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and doing a tremendous job with those boys. They're so loved by you and know it.