Thursday, June 18, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Como Zoo

The experience we had at Como Zoo was more of a classroom environment.  It was a more information based presentation.  We learned specifically about the rainforest, although there were many options for all ages at this site.  They were willing to focus the information on your needs as a school or program.  We got to see some cool rainforest animals and there was also a little child interactive play presented to explain the four layers of the rain forest. 

The whole time I was listening to the presentation and hearing about the four layers of the rain forest I kept thinking of really great projects that could be done in my class.  I can't/ won't bring all 800 of my students to the Zoo but some grades go, now that I have watched the presentation, I can focus my subject matter to more of what they learn on the trip.  I did a little (very little) research on what is out there for lessons about the rainforest and ran across Deep Space Sparkle's chalk drawing right away. Gosh that blog is good! 

Check out more about our field trips by searching the #TCWALLSI on twitter.  There are also a lot of images and information on their Facebook page. I would love for you to send links to lesson plans that you think would help support these field trips I will be posting about as well. Have you had a program like this that you were able to support in your classroom?  Send me links, pictures, or stories in the comments.  Thanks!

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