Thursday, June 25, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Dakota County Jail

There are less images than I wanted to share with you in this post, but the officers frowned upon us bringing our cameras into the Dakota County Jail.   My family joined me on Friday in Hastings MN to visit the jail.  My kids were able to listen to the class portion of the jail tour, but not allowed to go through the facility.  I found it fascinating!  

One of the big highlights for the Dakota County Jail is that they are doing some programing unlike other comparable facilities.  They pride themselves on treating their inmates with respect yet a firm hand.  This jail provides services encouraging resume building, and chemical dependence.  

This is a tour that I found very educational, however I would not be able to use in my current classes.  We have brought our 8th graders to the Sherburne County Jail and court system for a tour.  They loved learning about the jail, e-investigations, and the court system.  I would encourage any middle and high school to make connections with the local jail and courts and perhaps set up a visit.  I don't feel that this would be a successful field trip for K-5.

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