Saturday, June 27, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, Historic John H. Stevens House Museum

If you want to see people passionate about the history of Minneapolis, The Stevens House and Garden is the perfect stop for you and your class.  This tiny old house represents the beginning of Minneapolis.  It was one of the first houses preserved in this great city and is celebrated today with it's great location by Minnehaha Falls. 

The image above is from the History Center of MN. It shows the relocation of the building in 1896.  The story goes that the children of the city of Minneapolis (symbolically) moved the house with ropes very close to where it stands now.

Whereas this is a tremendous site, and one with a rich history, I feel that for a similar activity, I would take my students to the Kelley Farm located much closer to Rogers.  I feel that this would be a must see for any child growing up in Minneapolis, however. 

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