Thursday, June 25, 2015

Expanding the Classroom Walls, In the Heart of the Beast

In the Heart of the Beast was a wonderful site for theater and creating.  Our tour guide did a great job of explaining the value of puppetry.  He talked about how most puppets are created and performed by the same artist.  I love this idea of creating a work of art, loving it, forming it, and than performing and sharing it's than developed personality.  What a magical process that I would be more than happy to bring back to my school.

This is a bit of a side track, but I have to share this mosaic that was in the theater.  How stunning is that?  There is a whole story of our water cycle here.  The pipes below, evaporation, and raining.  It took my breath away.

OK, back to the puppets. This company is well known for it's May Day celebration.  We got to explore the storage room.  This was an art teachers delight.  There were so many wonderful works of art cluttering the room.  I had to smile as we were escorted into the 'hand and skeleton room'.  Who has a room like that?  Never mind, maybe I shouldn't ask questions of things I don't want the answer to.  :)

I think the thing that made me most excited about this site was the opportunity for an artist in residency. He explained many performances that he has done with students, as an example, the 5 great stories of Montessori School.  He shared some of his dreams of puppetry collaboration in schools too such as a stilting program, or a puberty puppet play. This group had some great ideas and I would love to see them in action. 

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